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Adapters for VS300 & OFS300 Inspection Fiber scopes

VS300 and OFS300 Fiberscopes have a threaded mount accepting AFL standard adapters for inspection of many industry standard connectors.


VFS2 Adapter Tips

VFS2 Adapter Tips allow VFS2 Inspection Probes to view connectors in adapters and exposed ferules (jumper ends).

DFS1 Adapter Tips

  • Adapts DFS1 Digital FiberScope for inspecting virtually any fiber optic connector end-face
  • Inspects jumper cable ferrule ends
  • Inspects bulkhead-mounted equipment and patch panel connectors
  • Adapters for PC/UPC and APC polished connectors
  • Easily interchanged; no tools required


  • Mandrels have grooves to ensure that jumpers are wrapped exactly five times (as specified by TIA/EIA-568-B)
  • Attaches to 3mm jumpers in seconds, without tools or tape
  • Allows existing 850/1300nm LED light sources to test 50 and 62.5µm links
  • May be reused indefinitely

OTDR Fiber Rings

  • Compact, rugged, lightweight
  • 150, 500, and 1000 m lengths standard
  • Available with a variety of connector styles
  • Compact! Fits easily in OTDR cases or kits

Test Port Adapters

Tool-free connector adapters allow connection of common fiber optic connectors and remove to support cleaning of launch ferule. Products with tool-free adapters include, FTS2, OLS2-Dual, OLS4, OLS7, SVA1